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This automatic Plastic thermoforming machine integrated type and cutting are completed in one station, which is especially suitable for sheet molding with large shrinkage such as PP. thermoforming machine can be widely used in the processing and production of air pressure forming sheets, such as PP, APET, CPET, PS, PVC, OPS, PEEK, PLA and other materials. Through lower production costs, maximize production output.


1. The pp thermoforming machine is precise, reliable, simple to operate, and has significant advantages of high efficiency, high quality and low cost.
2. Integrated forming (in-mold cutting), stacking, and waste rewinding stations, sheet material processing is smoother, and energy consumption is lower.
3. The full-automatic plastic cup thermoforming machine: solid cast iron structure is used for forming, and the crank arm equipped with roller bearings ensures perfect forming and cutting.
4. The worktable on the forming station is equipped with an independent servo-driven auxiliary stretching head to make the product forming more in place.
5. The forming station adds a tension rod structure, so that the forming station has the function of in-mold cutting, while ensuring the longer service life of the cutting knife.
6. PP Plastic Thermoforming Machine stacking method includes: stacking up, stacking AB, product is completely cut and taken out by robot, etc.

Automatic Thermoforming Machine Key Specification




Max.Forming Area (mm2)



Working Station

Forming, Cutting, Stacking

Applicable Material


Sheet Width (mm) 350-810
Sheet Thickness (mm) 0.2-1.5
Max. Dia. Of Sheet Roll (mm) 800
Forming Mould Stroke(mm) 120 for up mold and down mold
Power Consumption 60-70KW/H
Max. Formed Depth (mm) 100
Cutting Mould Stroke(mm) 120 for up mold and down mold
Max. Cutting Area (mm2)



Max. Mold Closing Force (T) 50
Speed (cycle/min) Max 30
Max. Capcity of Vacuum Pump 200 m³/h
Cooling System Water Cooling
Power Supply 380V 50Hz  3 phase 4 wire
Max. Heating Power (kw) 140
Max. Power of Whole Machine (kw) 160
Machine Dimension(mm) 9000*2200*2690
Sheet Carrier Dimension(mm) 2100*1800*1550
Weight of Whole Machine (T) 12.5


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