Four Stations Automatic thermoforming machine

Model: HEY02
  • Four Stations Automatic thermoforming machine
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Automatic thermoforming machine is a new type of machine developed by our company according to the market and customer's demand. The machine is a kind of multi-station automatic machine, which has the synchronous complete forming, punching, and cutting, so easy to get the end plastic products. Therefore, the input of labor and the cost of production is greatly reduced, and the work efficiency is much more improved.


This thermoforming machine used for producing high demand of disposable fresh/fast food, fruit plastic cups, boxes, plates,container, and pharmaceutical, PP, PS, PET, PVC,etc.


1. This thermoforming equipment fully servo driven vibration,forming good and fast.
2. Fully machine in compact structure,taking small floor space;
3. Furnaces automatic removal device,can be turned down at any time during production without breaking the sheet.reaching without wasting materials;
4. Electric furnace temperature control system uses intelligent automatic compensation control,a control,a control of a regulator,easy to adjust the temperature uniformity,easy to use,simple,fast heating,low temperature three times up and down the oven roast slices.
5. Forming, cutting die servo-driven,two-way adjustable for upper and lower mold stroke,in which the upper mold electric adjustable in clamping direction. The upper and bwer molds height position can be adjusted conveniently and fast under the clamping state;lower mold in clamping direction readily accessible buffer,increasing the clamping speed,avoiding shock.
6. Thermoformer machine auto cutting,auto counting,auto transmission by PLC.

Key Specification




Max.Forming Area (mm2)



Working Station

Forming, Punching, Cutting, Stacking

Applicable Material


Sheet Width (mm) 350-810
Sheet Thickness (mm) 0.2-1.5
Max. Dia. Of Sheet Roll (mm) 800
Forming Mould Stroke(mm) 120 for up mold and down mold
Power Consumption 60-70KW/H
Max. Formed Depth (mm) 100
Cutting Mould Stroke(mm) 120 for up mold and down mold
Max. Cutting Area (mm2)



Max. Mold Closing Force (T) 50
Speed (cycle/min) Max 30
Max. Capcity of Vacuum Pump 200 m³/h
Cooling System Water Cooling
Power Supply 380V 50Hz 3 phase 4 wire
Max. Heating Power (kw) 140
Max. Power of Whole Machine (kw) 170
Machine Dimension(mm) 11000*2200*2690
Sheet Carrier Dimension(mm) 2100*1800*1550
Weight of Whole Machine (T) 15


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