One Station Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine

Model: GTM512
  • One Station Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine
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This One station Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine is a combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components. With the 6 cam-controlled toggle lever system ensures high forming and punching forces. The thermoformer has man-machine interface, sending sheet by chain, cutting by mould knives, and overturned mould can stack products automatically. The whole system is controlled by PLC, combining the preheating, material feeding, heating, drawing, forming, cutting and stacking into one unit.


Hardware tray, food tray, pharmaceutical tray, PS/PVC/PET Plastic Cup Cap.


1.The achievement of GMP/QS double standard purification clean production, improve product hygiene and safety, meanwhile, resolve cross contamination;
2.One station Thermoforming Machine: Roll Film Loading, Forming, Hole Punching, Punching, Output, Roll Film Reclaiming Six-Station Synchronous Production, Manipulator Feeder, Compact Structure & Stable Performance, Easy Operations;
3.Operation Area and Transmission Parts are complete isolation to avoid pollution and convenient to clean;
4.Stroke Adjustable, mould replacement is simple, easy to change mould size, suitable for different specification;
5.Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine Can adopt PLC Human Interface, Stepless Frequency Speed Adjustment, PC Circuit Control Board;

Key Specification

Technical Data GTM512 GTM513
Maximum forming area 703x513 mm 765x575 mm
Minimum forming area 260x250 mm 375x270 mm
Maximum mold dimension 728x538 mm 790x600 mm
Maximum mold weight 150 kg 300 kg
Height over sheet material forming part 75 mm 150 mm
Height under sheet material forming part 50 mm 120 mm
Dry cycle speed 45 cycles/ min 45 cycles/ min
Maximum film width 760 mm 820 mm
Operating pressure 6 bar 6 bar

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    • Various types of lids
    • Various types of lids
    • Various types of lids
    • Various types of lids
    • Various types of lids
    • Various types of lids
    • Various types of lids
    • Various types of lids

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